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  • Using a cart
  • Order
  • Confirming an order
  • Cancelling an order
  • Delivery / personal receipt



  • Registration procedure

    To be entitled to obtain unrestricted use of our webshop you must register on our home page. To find the form to complete use the “Registration” link in the menu bar on the side. Fill in the following fields: registration / login name, password, invoicing data, delivery and contact data. Completing the data indicated by “*” is compulsory for the achievement of contact and in order for us to provide smooth service. After completing data click on the “Send” button. Subsequently we will send an e-mail confirming your registration to the e-mail address provided by you, in which you can find all the data necessary for login. Further on you will certainly have the opportunity to modify your data (Profile modification) or you can ask for your forgotten password (Password reminder).
  • Profile modification

    In order to modify your registration data log in on our home page, choose the “Profile modification” link in the menu bar on the side, modify the necessary data and click on the “Send” icon.
  • Password reminder

    You may any time forget your password used for our webshop. Choose the “Password reminder” link on the main page. Type in the e-mail address previously provided by you when registering and then click on the “Send password” icon. The system will send your forgotten password to the given e-mail address.

Using a cart

On the “Products” page first provide the quantity of the selected product and then click on the “Cart” icon to put it in your cart. 
The “Cart” menu in the menu bar on the side continuously shows the products previously selected by you. Of course you can any time modify your order, cancel an order, change a quantity or you can cancel the whole contents of the cart as well.
To change the quantity of the product(s) already put in your cart provide the required quantity and then click on the “Modify” button. 
To cancel the product(s) click on the “Trashbin” icon at the end of the line. To cancel the whole contents of the cart use the “Empty a cart” link under the names of the products.


To order the contents of the cart click on the “Order” icon. (If you have not registered for / logged in our webshop, you must do it to be able to order.) In this way all the order information provided by you on registration (invoicing name and address) will appear. You can change these in “Profile modification”. You can also choose the method of delivery and change the delivery address as well. If all the data have been provided by you, finalise your shopping by clicking on the “Send an order” icon.

Confirming an order

As a notification the system will subsequently send you an e-mail confirming your order has been placed with our webshop. It also includes a link by which you can view all the details of your order. (Please retain the confirming e-mail until the order has been filled.) You can see the same information in the “Previous orders” menu point of the menu bar.

Cancelling an order

If you wish to cancel an order already placed with us, please contact the webshop operator.

Delivery / personal receipt

The purchase price is always meant as the price indicated next to the selected product, which includes the VAT as well. The actual time of ordering a product means the time when your claim to the purchase of a product reaches our webshop. 
When ordering a product, you can also choose the method of delivery the most suitable for you or you can decide to receive your order in person (at our shop).

Fees & conditions of postal delivery
Fees & conditions of courier service
Conditions of personal receipt